So hey guys,

Since i haven't post anything like 4 months i guess, i wanna spent this time to update my blog. Yes, to be honest i miss my blog.

I'm in year 6 right now so that's mean i'll be standing upsr, pekerti and other exams. /sigh/ such a tiring and stressful year. I just miss 2012, the best and worst year for me. Just a random and short post here.


Assalamualaikum and Hi readers.

So, yeah I've deleted all my posts. I think I can start again my new life and pretend that nothing ever happened on the past. This may take a few moment to remind me of next year. Upsr. Time flies and I grew up so fast. 2012, not so bad I guess. Fight, Happy, Laugh, Love, and lots of memories we've got. 2013 is coming and I can't forget all memories and precious moments in 2012. Well, we can't turn back the time, so I just have to let it go.

So here to those people that I've hurt, I just want you to forgive my mistakes. Sorry for all my wrongdoings towards you guys.You guys have been great and thank you for always be there for me even if some of you were not.